About Us

Madanela, is a creation of big dreams and lots of love for crafting and design. As a little girl, I was always decorating, and creating things from anything and everything. From gluing papers together to make flowers, to sewing fabric to make pony-holders. It is my passion to create and implement my ideas to make products unique and vibrant.

Crafting and graphic design has been part of my career for the past two decades; which has given me the experience necessary to create Madanela. Handmade decorated mason jars, paper flowers, center pieces, wreaths, and more. I envisioned to create products that are beautiful yet also that can be personalized, and have that touch that will make it special.

Whether you want to decorate your home, buy one of a kind gift or plan your event, Madanela has a variety of choices that you can choose from.

Looking forward to making your envision a reality.